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Employee Portal

What is Employee Portal ?

We at Amaze One have designed and automated a complete Employee portal for our client with multiple features to enhance the work culture, ease of interaction with HR, integration of HR management tools with the employee portal for seamless access to employees to avail leaves, travel related finance queries and reimbursements and many more which are customisable. Amaze team has the expertise and knowledge of know how to understand the clientele requirements to meet and surpass the expectations. Some of the salient features of the employee portal are listed below

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  • Home page for crisp and clear space for company announcements / Events
  • HR page with HR team contact details, team events and HR discussion board
  • Find and update employee details easily and search for employee details
  • Queries page to connect employee to HR team for resolution
  • Finance page with department contact list, team events and discussion board
  • Employee forms download page to download HR and finance related forms
  • Documents page where employees can upload work related documents in a digital format
  • Holidays calendar page to notify holiday list of the year to employees
  • Employee expense details where employees can file for expense claims
  • Leave management system for employees
  • Goal mapping where employees are allocated goals at various levels like organisational, departmental and individual goals
  • Employee appraisal page where goals met are displayed to individual employees where appraisal details are captured
  • An appraisal preview page where achieved goals are displayed for the benefit of the employee
  • A travel desk for raising travel requests and approvals

How It Works

  • Clients to sign up with employee portal online
  • Clients will be provided with admin login
  • Clients can upload all employee data and manage the employee portal
  • Clients will pay in SAAS model for using our employee portal

Technology & Integration

  • SharedPoint Based Solution In A Hosted Environment
  • Multi Tenant Cloud Based Solution
  • Complete Security Of Company Employee Data With Secured Access
  • Access Anywhere Anytime Solution