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Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing refers to a computational process which can be done on demand via a computer network, or a virtual online space without requiring advanced infrastructure. This is a low cost and easy to manage approach for handling online businesses. Saas (software as a service), Paas (platform as a service) and Iaas (Infrastructure as a service) are the major cloud computing services. Be it cloud strategy or building a solution for the cloud. We can help. We have a large number of solutions that we manage both on public and private clouds. Call us to know more.

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Cloud computing is hot and happening. There is a cloud solution for every problem, or for every problem clients are desperate to find a cloud solution. On the other hand, it is wondered whether Cloud technology will prove to be a bubble like dot com. putting aside all hypothetical questions cloud computing is a reality today. Many successful businesses valued in millions or even billions run their solutions on the cloud. Ability to scale infrastructure on demand and ability to pay as you go has made cloud an attractive proposition. The Amaze One MS practice has a dedicated COE which works to develop solutions for the Microsoft cloud. We help customers by providing them with a cloud strategy and a path to be available on the cloud. We have ported customer solutions in our cloud lab to showcase the value add to our end customer.