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Software Testing

The need of Independent Software testing & Quality Assurance services has grown significantly for all businesses. Companies increasingly need their QA and Testing to become a transformative business function. Todays fast paced and ever-changing technology landscape has made it important a change in approach, methodology and delivery of Testing Services. Our software testing & quality assurance services are backed by a strong legacy of testing expertise and endorsed for its wide range of testing services. Contact Amaze One for the best quality testing services at an affordable cost.

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Amaze One. Testing Services are built on deep understanding and strong industry domain expertise. Creative, Smart and Effective Testing Techniques and Methodologies that can help our customers achieve reliable and predictable deployment and release readiness. Higher Test Efficiency, Assured cost savings – release on release or yearly basis. The Amaze One. Testing team culture is strongly built on “Product Quality Ownership” mindset, deep domain knowledge and delivery excellence. Focused services that span both the breadth of the quality equation (end to end application landscape testing) as also the depth (technology, domain, standards, application and platform).