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Social Media Marketing

The Social Media is the most powerful platform to reach your targeted customers. More than 70% of people are daily active on the leading social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram and more. Once your brand is popular in the social media, it will show on the newsfeeds of your target audience.

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At Amaze One, we have a team of qualified and creative social media experts developing successful campaigns and delivering measurable results. As business owners prefer ‘leads’ more than ‘likes’, our results-oriented social media services focus on generating quality leads by creating brand awareness, promoting engagement and increasing the number of conversions.

All social media platforms are unique and should be treated accordingly when optimizing them for individual brands. At Amaze One, our social media management services pull the different flavors of each platform to build you a strong presence in the social media. We launch, develop and monitor campaigns based on your target demographic roping in your business specifics.

Your Voice, Our Strategy: We believe that social media is not a stand-alone attempt or a “be everywhere at once” strategy! It might include sharing relevant content that engages prospects and turns them into loyal supporters – building relationships and driving measurable results that are perfectly aligned to your business goals.

Social Media Campaign Creation: We work with you to build targeted social media campaigns, focusing on your customers & industry events – helping you broadcast your brand, engage your target audience, and measure your social media ROI.

Social Media Insights Analysis: Social Media Insights works on ‘behind the scenes’ concept – helping you summarize the actual meaning behind the performance of all your social media channels. We believe that social media research can help businesses make better strategic decisions.

Remarketing ad Generation: : Our experienced team of marketing, advertising & branding professionals will plan, build and optimize your remarketing ad campaign to generate great ROI at the lowest possible cost per click.